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Chapter 1

Dear Diary,

Hi guys my name Hannah, I am 14 years old, I live in London with my family but unfortunately last week my mum had a accident and I was really scared my hand were shaking and shivering I was so frightened that my mum died, she even had a sad life and I was sad about that .My mum and dad and had a argument and she was so not running she went out so she can have fresh air and just relax and do job work . I am really sad what happened to my poor mum she was a nice lovely women she used work in a Apple company and now she is a engineer . When my mum had her accident the police came to my family to take some information about what happens and why she wanted to go out. So the police asked and told, lots of information and then he went car and said if have any problem please call me and gave 2 cards for me and dad, dad was angry that he gave two cards for me because she doesn't need it and thought something was going in dad's mind that I don't know. me and were planning for mums funeral and doing the dates and where. I am really sad for my mum I love her.

Chapter 2

Dear Dairy,

Its been 2 weeks and finally it is the funeral for mums death we are going now and doing it. Dad said in after the funeral do food for people he's inviting for the funeral. My friends came also and they If I was ok and don't worry everything will be ok and I was keeping all the sadness in my mind so I can stay strong and tell friends that I am ok. The funeral was finished and it was 2 am at night and I went bed but then whilst I was brushing my teeth I kept hearing really scary and weird noises when I looked up in the mirror I saw a ghost of mum and then I blinked she disappeared and know if was real or imagination or I just really miss her. I went to bed and I turned off the light then I heard a noise coming through my way. I was SCARED AND FRIGHTEND but when I turned on the light again I saw there was nothing there and said to myself that I think this defiantly my imagination. The I heard mums voice saying 'help me' plssssss I got scared then went to dads room and gave him a hug and slept with him I said to dad that cant sleep I need a company said and he said its ok and Hannah are worrying about your mum and I said, I don't know I just feel scared we talked for a bit then we fell a sleep.

Chapter 3

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was the funeral for mum and dad has to go to work, he works as a teacher and teaches in University. So when dad goes I start to get scared and start to panic then again there more sounds coming closer to me and I scream I quickly go to my room and lock the door and then text my best friend saying come over here I'm alone and it feels likes there is someone in my house I didn't say there is ghost she wont believe me .I am really, really scared don't know what to do I'm having a heart attack, I'm so scared. Then I saw mum I said who are you are, how did you get here and why do you look like my mum then mums says because I am your mum,, mum are u alive are u alright mum I went close to her and try to hug her but I couldn't I was still scared if this my mum or the ghost I don't know I am really confused when I saw my mum she had all blood around her. Then she said Hannah I am still dead this is my ghost body I am sorry wish I could be alive but Hannah I want to tell u something....

Chapter 4

Dear Diary,

Sorry guys not competing the diary it am sorry for that so, there was a knock on the door and saw my dad he was here, he never come until something is wrong then I mum to turn invisible, then she turns invisible and dad tells me that I cant let stay alone your not safe please come with me and we are going granny's, granny is my dad's mum she is going to babysit me, I said ok but why can't I stay, then immediately dad shouted at me saying just listen to me and come with me and its because today I wont be and I said ok lets go to granny's house. Then me and dad went to the car and went to granny to house. We reached to granny's house it took 30mins to reach her house, I went to granny's house and when I always go to granny's house she always make my bed neat and gives me presents. I went to my room and put my bad down whilst dad and granny talked mum appeared and she scared me so much then she said no don't let your dad go he is the criminal he was the one made me have an accident and then I immediately said WHAT!! He was the one killed you how? She said I know because your was to plan to kill, I heard them talk that they had a deal and your dad said Good Job we will have party and this is the time your dad is having a party so stop your dad and say stay for a bit then you can call the police and give the documents which is in home, GO QUICKLY STOP HIM. After what mum said I felt really sad I went instantly down and stopped him and I said to him dad please can you stay here for a bit I will miss and wont come today its like giving a night time kiss please and he off course darling I will stay for a bit, I was so please when he said that and mum was really happy I'm really happy for my mum now she had a smile on her face because dad was a murder of this. So I went up and called the police and I said Officer I know who did the accident to my mum its my dad he's responsible of this, the police officer got shocked and said stay there and don't let your dad go away and I said ok I wont then I ended the call and then mum appeared again and said go show something to your dad and get him districted to go to the party. I went to dad and granny and showed dad my file and stationary what granny gave me then few later the officers came and rang the door bell then dad opens the door and says to the officer oh hi there officer how are how come your here, then I said he's here because I called him and then the officer said Your wife hasn't had accident someone killed and took it as a accident then dad was quite for a bit the officer understood that he is the murder of the mums death and also granny found out that he was lying then the office told him U are under arrest u killed your wife and I know because of your workers who killed your wife and going to have a party so then dad and dad's workers went to jail and after dad went jail mum never cam back I think it time her to go and I know she didn't say bye and I know because its sad when people good bye to your family. Me and granny lived together happily . That was my story. Thank you for reading:)

The End

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